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Toward Expert-Sourcing of a Haptic Device Repository




Haptipedia is an online taxonomy, database, and visualization that aims to accelerate ideation of new haptic devices and interactions in human-computer interaction, virtual reality, haptics, and robotics. The current version of Haptipedia (105 devices) was created through iterative design, data entry, and evaluation by our team of experts. Next, we aim to greatly increase the number of devices and keep Haptipedia updated by soliciting data entry and verification from haptics experts worldwide.

Author(s): Hasti Seifi and Jessica Ip and Ashutosh Agrawal and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker and Karon E. MacLean
Year: 2019

Department(s): Haptic Intelligence
Bibtex Type: Miscellaneous (misc)
Paper Type: Workshop

Address: Glasgow, UK
State: Published
URL: https://dc2s2.github.io/2019/papers/dc2s2-seifi.pdf


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