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Department Events

  • AsiaHaptics 2018

We have developed Haptipedia, a large online gallery of haptic devices with an initial scope of 105 grounded force-feedback devices. Haptipedia was created to be a community resource that supports designers of all persuasions in ideating, finding, designing, and learning about kinesthetic haptic devices. In this AsiaHaptics workshop, you will learn how to use Haptipedia to address YOUR use case, and you can tell us how to make this resource more useful for you.

Organizers: Hasti Seifi Farimah Fazlollahi Gunhyuk Park Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

From Fingertip Mechanics to Tactile Sensation

  • 13 June 2018 • 14:30—18:00
  • Eurohaptics 2018

It is well known that the dynamics of the interacting finger mediate the human tactile sensation of materials and textures but its contact dynamics also contribute to other aspects of human cognition such as proprioceptive perception and our capacity to dexterously manipulate objects. The broad range of perceptual phenomena stemming from finger mechanics makes it essential to develop further our understanding of the finger behavior during interaction and its perceptual consequences.